April 20, 2005


April 20 - LAS VEGAS - UK-based color correction specialists Pandora International introduced a low-cost, software-based color correction system that's open-source, welcomes third-party software developers and promises to work with any current or future image resolution.

Called PiXi Revolution, the basic package will retail for $150K and will accommodate color graders who want to work out ideas on their laptops while away from the telecine suite.

The company suggests that the new product will foster a new career title "the color designer," like a sound designer, rather than a color "corrector."

PiXi Revolution's proprietary internal power results from concentrated R&D developed, partly with the help of local university labs.

The system combines features from the original PiXi, with new functionality such as warping shape generation, resizing, noise and grain processing, and multi-rate and multi-standard machine control. Using one original file of any resolution, multiple creative grades can be instantly altered, played out at the maximum monitoring resolution available and or re-conformed to a new EDL.

Pandora's Steve Brett stresses that the company will continue to support Pandora's existing line of color correctors. The new Revolution also comes with an expanded control surface for $170K, as well as a full-up version for $370K.