June 29, 2005


NEW YORK - Pre-viz house Launch has taken over the entire 9th floor of 2 West 45th Street. The studio has also introduced a new management team that will lead the organization. Bryan Godwin has been named president of the company, with Joseph Weil serving as executive creative director.

"Our mission," says Weil, "is to breathe life into our clients' ideas, to illustrate them as completely and as truly as possible, with all the energy they imagined. Our test spots and pre-viz work enable clients to see their ideas in action and directors to plan out what they're doing well before they begin to shoot."

"We like to say we work in a kind of 'laboratory,'" adds Godwin. "Launch can execute the concept exactly as the client wants. But we can also deliver a high level of creative interplay with our clients by generating many different ideas and working together to see which one turns out to be the star."

The new space was planned by design studio Miloby Ideasystem and will serve as home to a collection of editors, animators, designers, producers and custom R&D programmers. Launch has worked on projects for Doritos, Gillette Venus, Diet Pepsi, Centrum and Dentyne, among others.