May 3, 2005


SAN JOSE, CA - At NAB, Prime Image ( joined forces with Editware ( of Grass Valley, CA, to show Time Tailor, a system developed to reduce a program's run time without content loss or the introduction of artifacts.

Through the Time Tailor's Fastrack TT user interface, the operator enters all necessary parameters to perform the retiming process. This includes the source timecode, record timecode, the locations for insertion or removal of black segments or show material, the insertion of slate, bars and tone, and the amount of time to be removed from the original show.

During a single pass of the source material, the Time Tailor removes identified redundant frames until the desired run length is met, even allowing for different percentages of frames to be removed from specified segments. The video is processed in realtime without the need for pre-recording or pre-processing. Encoded data in the vertical interval, such as closed captioning, is accurately maintained.

Time Tailor's user interface allows for "holds" on areas of content that are not intended to be time reduced. It fully automates the entire process, simultaneously controlling the source machine, the Time Machine, and the recorder to frame-accurately start playback, processing, and recording during the time reduction process.