October 24, 2005


The Hollywood Edge is a division of Ascent Media and is one of the largest publishers and distributors of high-quality sound effects and production music. The collection features more than 30 multiple disc collections, including Premiere Editions, Cartoon, Animal, Historical, Foley, Automotive, Evil, Eerie, Sports and The Frank Serafine Collection. Music includes THE Music and Soundelux Music Libraries.

"Our agreement with Hollywood Edge not only greatly enhances our sound effects offerings, it gives sound professionals one destination to browse and purchase the best libraries, rather than searching through multiple publishers sites,? says Douglas Price of ProSoundEffects.com.

In addition to Hollywood Edge, Pro Sound Effects distributes large library publishers, such as Sound Ideas, BBC, Digiffects, as well as releases from boutique providers, such as Sound Vision and Noisefuel.

Most Edge Libraries can be auditioned in the .mp3 format and come with track listings in the .pdf format. Many Edge libraries are currently available on www.prosoundeffects.com. The entire catalog is expected to be added in the coming weeks.