October 18, 2005


The QuVis server, which is fully DCI-compliant for JPEG 2000 with an upgrade path to 4K, is one of the only wavelet-based products on the market that can show 3D content by generating dual streams from a single server. The Cinema Player was selected as the playout device for the Mexico release due to its capability of sending frame-accurate synchronous playback via dual-link HD-SDI. MIT is the integrator on this project and is looking to prepare these theatres for Chicken Little?s November 4th release. The Cinepolis Plaza Universidad and Cinemex Mundo, both in Mexico City, and the MM Cinemas Humberto Lobos Theatre in Monterrey will be equipped with QuVis servers. A fourth theatre, still to be determined, will also receive the DCI-compliant QuVis Cinema Player 3D. "We knew the name and saw the obvious value of using a long-standing digital cinema server manufacturer," says Moving Image Technologies' Joe Delgado. "The QuVIS Cinema Player is the only practical, price effective solution to address Digital Cinema 3D and still maintain one of the only upgrade paths to a DCI-compliant Digital Cinema solution that is ready today." QuVis servers enable the realtime recording of two separate source images to be then stored as a single synchronous file on a single server, eliminating the concerns of losing sync in playback and destroying the 3D effect. There are three primary QuVis servers enabling this type of experience: the 3D mastering and playback QuVis Acuity, the DCI JPEG2000 and 3D-enabled QuVis Cinema Player 3D, and the QuVis Ovation 3D for other large screen venues.