June 9, 2005


LONDON - Soho's Rainbow Post recently took delivery of an eQ multi-resolution finishing system from Quantel. Rainbow Post works with many television production companies, including Pioneer Productions, which specializes in factual programming for the international market. Current projects include "The World's Most Extreme Homes" for HGTV and "Naked Science" for the National Geographic Channel. Much of their work is in HD.

"We needed a serious HD editing system, saw the eQ at NAB and it just blew us away," says Nick Rogers, Rainbow Post managing director. "One of the main reasons for choosing the eQ is the ease with which it deals with deliverables. Most of our TV programs are co-productions, so we need to create SD, HD, 16:9, and 4:3 versions as a matter of course. The eQ saves us so much time and angst doing the deliverables."

Chief editor Steve Gilbert says he visited the Quantel booth and NAB and was impressed with how easily eQ handled HD content. "In my opinion, working in HD should be the same as working in SD, but every other manufacturer makes it complicated. Only Quantel makes it easy - I can throw anything onto the timeline and spit it out in whatever format I want."

This is is made possible through Quantel's Resolution Coexistence. Different format material can be combined in the same project and on the same timeline instantly saving time, disk space and delivering higher quality results.

"QColor is pretty spectacular too," Gilbert adds. "We are now able to undertake high-end color grading projects and I can see this becoming a major new business area for us going forward."