January 20, 2005


SAN FRANCISCO - Red Giant Software (www.redgiantsoftware.com) will be the launch agent for Silicon Color's (www.siliconcolor.com) FinalTouch HD-the first real-time HD color correction solution made exclusively for QuickTime on Mac OS X.

"Red Giant Software has great software products, and acclaimed customer responsiveness," said Roland Wood, president and co-founder of Silicon Color. "We believe that Red Giant Software's customers in the independent film production and post market will find Silicon Color's FinalTouch HD solution the perfect tool for finishing their high-definition QuickTime-based productions."

FinalTouch HD will be available through the Red Giant Software's web site and will be shipping to customers by the end of January 2005 for $4,995.

FinalTouch HD features a powerful set of tools created to meet the needs of today's SD and HD market, including native QuickTime support, integrated content management, layered workflow, non-destructive grading, and a powerful rendering system.

FinalTouch HD requires a system with the capability to playback uncompressed high-definition QuickTime files in real-time (approximately 200 MB/s). The recommended system includes a 2.0 GHz dual-processor G5 (or faster), with 1 GB of RAM, an ATI 9800 Pro graphics card, two displays, and a dedicated SCSI or Fibre channel array capable of high-definition playback.