March 11, 2005


Rhinofx's Moore, Neo, Mihajlovic and Hughes.

NEW YORK - Rhinofx ( has added 3D digital artist to its staff as well as promoted one member from within. Digital artist Chris Moore, 2D graphic designer Neo, and 3D digital artist Bogdan Mihajlovic have all joined Rhinofx recently. In addition, the studio has promoted Jill Hughes to the position of production manager. These appointments are part of Rhinofx's continued expansion.

Prior to joining Rhinofx, Moore freelanced as a digital artist with Super-Fi. He has a background in graphic design, printing and IT, and worked with his family's design/printing company, Heather Moore Creations, for several years.

Neo has worked as a freelance compositor for Trollback & Company, as well as for Blink Digital, where he designed/animated DVD menus. His freelance projects included spots for Volvo, Resfest and AICP, and various DVDs.

Mihajlovic served as an illustrator and 3D artist at Kreativa Marketing Agency in Belgrade, Serbia, and Montenegro, where his clients included British American Tobacco, and Coca-Cola. Having worked as a 3D modeler, art director, and graphic designer, Mihajlovic was a 3D instructor at the Chiron School for Creative Technologies, where he taught the essentials of 3D modeling and texture painting, as well as character design, illustration and art direction.

Hughes relocated from San Francisco in June 2004, joining the Rhinofx team as a production coordinator. She served as production coordinator at Industrial Light & Magic in San Rafael, CA, from 2001-2004.