March 15, 2005


VENICE, CA - Former radio production house Radio In The Nude has changed its name as well as branched out, now offering television and film audio services. Now called Rocket Surgery (, the studio is creative director Andy Lerner's effort to grow the business as well part of his desire to direct actors in other media.

"Being involved in the acting and comedy community, learning how projects come together and seeing the premium placed on writing and directing made me think beyond radio," explains Lerner. "We have enough experience in the market to expand into other kinds of work."

While the radio business is strong, says Lerner, the creative team at Rocket Surgery has interests in concept-development, production and directing that go beyond the format.

"Many of our clients who have come to rely on us for award-winning radio are now able to hire us to create films, TV spots or entertainment," adds executive producer Jill Kershaw. "We plan to reach people outside of the ad world as well. If it involves good writing, talent direction and a need for humor, then it's a good project for Rocket Surgery."

Radio In The Nude was founded in Boston in 1991 and in 1998, Lerner moved the company to Santa Monica. Existing clients can continue to receive its traditional radio services but will notice that the company has extensive experience in other areas of entertainment - not necessarily limited to the airwaves.

Lerner has already co-directed a short film, "I'm Not Gay," with Adam Paul. Shot on HD, the film shares the hilarious story of two guys who are mistakenly identified as a gay couple and ignite a civil rights movement in the process. The film is currently in post and is set for the festival circuit later this year.

Rocket Surgery offers two recording studios and a post mixer. The new rooms can be used for agency work, sound for picture and DVD commentary. Gear includes Digidesign Pro Tools|HD with a Pro Control worksurface, a large screen LCD projector, Focusrite mic pre-amps, Genlec PM3 5.1 monitors, a sound effects server, access to Digi Beta and D5 decks, and ISDN and dubbing capabilities.