May 6, 2005


CYPRESS, CA - Shining Technology ( is helping to eliminate the recapturing process with the introduction of its CitiDisk HDV storage peripheral. The CitiDisk HDV is a tiny, FireWire-enabled storage device that can mount on a HDV camcorder for shoots and can then be connected to a nonlinear editor, eliminating the need to transfer/recapture video from tape. CitiDisk HDV comes with either an 80GB or 100GB hard drive that is supported with internal shock absorbing cushioning.

The unit can record at data rates of 12MB per second and its sustained transfer rate is four times faster than recording speed. Depending on the selected video resolution, CitiDisk HDV can store between 1.5 and 7.5 hours of DV or HDV footage.

CitiDisk HDV is optimized for both Mac and PC professionals and records and organizes footage into .M2T, .MOV, .AVI and .DV format files, among others. Pricing is $879 for the FW1256H-80 (360 minutes of HDV) and $949 for the FW1256H-100 (420 minutes of HDV). The company also offers DV-only versions for as low as $679.