July 6, 2005


NEW YORK - Audio post house Sound Lounge (www.soundlounge.com), known for its commercial work, is expanding into feature films. The studio has hired veteran film mixer Tony Volante and has added a new mixing suite based around Digidesign?s Icon integrated console.

According to principal Tom Jucarone, Sound Lounge has been considering entry into long-form mixing for some time now. "We are always looking toward the future and seeking new genres where we can apply our resources and talents. Tony's availability and interest in joining Sound Lounge enables us to service television and film clients at the same high quality that we provide in commercials."

Marshall Grupp, Sound Lounge partner and principal of Marshall Grupp Sound Design and Music has worked with Volante on the films "L.I.E." and "The Ramones: End of the Century."

The Digidesign Icon D-Control console will be housed in a new mixing suite, the studio's ninth. The suite will have a dedicated voiceover booth and will be connected to Sound Lounge's other facilities, including its sound effects library, via a high speed network.

Volante's recent credits include work on "Cinderella Man," "Transamerica," and the documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom."

Other notable film credits include "The Missing" for director Ron Howard, "Coffee and Cigarettes" for director Jim Jarmusch and "Welcome to the Dollhouse" for director Todd Solondz. Additionally, Volante has mixed three documentaries that have earned Academy Award nominations, "My Architect: A Son?s Journey" (2003), "Children Underground" (2002) and "On the Ropes" (2001).