March 7, 2005


TORONTO - Spin, with facilities in Toronto, Vancouver and Atlanta, has added five new digital artists.

Senior Inferno artist/designer Naomi Anderlini spent seven years in Australia's post industsry before coming to Canada. She has commercial credits that include work for Nivea and Mazda Toyota.

Senior creative director Wade Howie has joined the company, having spent 12 years at Industrial Light & Magic, where he was as an animator/technical director in its features group. He later moved on to commercial production to pursue his interests in directing spots and providing VFX supervision. His spots credits include a "Star Wars Episode 1"/Pepsi campaign and "Tony Hawke Pro Skater 2." Feature credits include the films "Casper," "The Mask," "Jurassic Park" and "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."

Designer Larissa Ulisko joined the studio recently, having worked on Puma spots in Tokyo, as well as on British documentaries.

Digital artist Bojan Zoric, originally from Yugoslavia, came to Toronto's FX industry a few years back and worked on matte paintings for the film "Chicago." Additional credits include the up-coming "Alone in the Dark," for which he was a concept designer/digital matte painter, and 2003's "Head of State," on which he served as digital matte painter.

Meter Giliberti, lead character animator on "Spider-Man 2," has also joined the studio. Giliberti has worked on animated TV series and feature films, as well as on the Sony Imageworks short "The Chubbchubbs."