July 11, 2005


LONDON - Todd-AO Creative Services, here, installed a new Quantel eQ today with an aim to provide clients with end-to-end post production, from editing to deliverables, under one roof. The eQ's "resolution coexistence" means that HD and SD material can be edited on the same timeline, offering time saving efficiencies for clients. Creating deliverables may also be easier as the eQ has the ability to play out any required format.

"The broadcast market place is changing, but when you talk with producers it seems that there is still a huge amount of mystery that surrounds HD technology. It is important that post houses are in a position to educate and support clients as they wade through this technological learning curve," says Todd-AO MD, Sam Webb.

"Being an early adopter in a growth area will be advantageous for Todd-AO. We know the HD market is set for huge growth and whilst that growth is happening, we can use the eQ at SD and still create revenue from the machine," adds Webb.

John Pearce, senior editor at Todd-AO (www.todd-ao.co.uk), had never edited using Quantel systems before and was initially daunted by the interface. However, within three days of using the eQ, he was surprised at how quickly he grasped the logic of the machine.

Similarly, the head of telecine at Todd, Ray King, has spent his entire career using Pogle and da Vinci grading controllers but QColor - the specialist grading option on the eQ - has surprised him with its flexibility. He comments: "I'm a traditional telecine colorist and, to be honest, have always been sceptical about software-based grading systems. QColor on eQ has proved me wrong with its versatility and feature set; the tracking in particular is outstanding."