January 19, 2005


LOS ANGELES - Widget Post Production (www.widgetpost.com) has expanded its audio capabilities with the recent launch of a new facility. Located on the site that formerly housed Digital Sound & Picture, the refurbished space offers sound effects and dialogue editing services, as well as ADR, television mixing, Foley and dubbing capabilities.

The studio's 1,700-square-foot, THX-certified main mixing stage is centered around a 96-fader, 768-channel Digidesign ICON integrated control surface. The room can operate at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution and supports up to 7.1 channel mixes.

Widget's ADR stage includes a comfortable control room, a separate 11-pit Foley stage and nine edit suites designed for sound effects work and audio sweetening.

"We looked around at the number of larger or corporate-owned audio companies and saw a market for one-stop shop facilities - especially one that focused on client services and relationship-building while keeping up to the minute with digital technology," says Anne-Marie Slack, president of Widget Post. "We knew we wanted to build stages, and we were really excited to be able to do this in a virtually untouched facility that also had a great legacy of audio engineering and design."

The new space has already hosted numerous Hollywood studio and independent films for a range of audio finishing and restoration work. Robyn-Alain Feldman, a post production supervisor and producer whose credits include Michael Mann's "Collateral" and the television series "Alias" and "Felicity," has worked at the facility. And the location's re-recording stage was used to mix the film "Nearing Grace" for director Rick Rosenthal.

Additional work includes temp mixes for Walt Disney Pictures' "A Lot Like Love," ADR, mixing and sound editorial for director Lee Shallot Chemel's "Greener Mountain," and ADR recording for MGM's "Be Cool."