February 7, 2006


Chicago's Filmworker's Club used Discreet Fire to complete finishing work on 27 high definition Bud Light commercials, 13 of which aired during the big game. The studio spent four weeks working on the campaign and the spots Hidden Bud Lights, Roof Top, Secret Fridge and Locker Room.

The studio also used Discreet Flame and Fire on an Aleve pain relief spot featuring Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy is shown on the phone with his agent, explaining that he is in too much pain to do his famous Vulcan hand sign for an awaiting audience. He takes Aleve and is then able to perform it.

"Nimoy was filmed on a greenscreen and digitally placed into the scene with Autodesk technology," explains Scott Harris, Discreet Flame/Inferno artist at Filmworker's Club. "Autodesk's systems were also used to insert a screen that appears behind Nimoy, and for crowd replication in order to make the room appear full of people."

Honda's Mud Flap, which promotes its Ridgeline was posted by A52 using Inferno system and Maya. Brickyard VFX used Flame and Maya to post an HD campaign for Mobile ESPN. Method Studios used Autodesk tools on numerous spots, including Hummer's Monsters, Toyota's Red Tide and Budweiser's Wave.

Digital Domain used Discreet Flame on two Budweiser commercials titled Super Fan and American Dream. And Riot New York and Santa Monica worked on Ford's Easy Being Green, McDonald's Hamster, Budweiser Slainte and Diet Pepsi's Hip Hop Can and Stunt Can commercials.

Other Super Bowl XL commercials posted using Autodesk software include: a campaign for Gillette, posted by Charlex using Discreet Flame, Smoke and Autodesk Maya; Cadillac's Chrome Couture, posted by The Mill using Flame and Maya; and MasterCard's MacGyver and Marathon Man, posted by The Mill using Flame.