February 3, 2006


"Running Softimage|XSI, our flagship animation and digital character software, on Apexx 4 produced the best interactive lighting performance we have ever seen," says Colin Hodges, senior production specialist at Softimage, a subsidiary of Avid. "With Apexx 4s outstanding processing power we were able to load a scene with Rock Falcon, one of our demo characters, and experience a significant speed increase with the interactive XSI render region.

Previously, one single-core CPU took us four minutes and 48 seconds to render the preview, whereas with Apexx 4's eight cores, the preview took only 36 seconds that's an average of 94 percent speed increase per CPU. This type of exceptional preview performance will drastically improve a 3D artists productivity and cut down on coffee breaks!"

"Apexx 4 is the workstation choice for studios running cutting-edge digital animation applications such as Softimage|XSI," says Francois Wolf, director of marketing at Boxx. "It continues to set performance records, and delivers the kind of deadline-beating processing power that constitutes a digital artists key success factor in today's technology-driven entertainment media."