December 21, 2006


"We used two separate effects for each instance," he explains. "Once is his normal, everyday teleportation, and the other is done while he is wounded, which is slower and more elaborate." 

Van Dyke says the CafeFX team collaborated with the director to come up with an eroding effect in which Durza's character turns into gaseous particles, layer by layer.

"We found a combination of Maya and Digital Fusion over the match-moved actor gave the most visually pleasing effect, which initially is to look very magical but once he is injured, the peeling of the layers becomes slower to give an effect of him wasting away," he says. "The goal of the effects was to add eye candy and serve the story, to not only create a dazzling special effect, but one that accentuates and visualizes what's taking place in the plot. And, it was interesting to come up with a couple of possible solutions and then, through creative collaboration with all involved, hone in on the one that did both the best."