July 25, 2006


During the show, DreamWorks will showcase the technology and creativity behind Over the Hedge, Flushed Away and other films in a series of sketches that focus on specific breakthroughs ranging from CG tree lighting to adapting the stop motion style in 3D animation.

 Sketch presentations include:

Character Splash Sketch - presented by Scott Cegielski - A system was developed on Flushed Away to automate the process of generating splashes from a character's interaction with a water surface while still retaining a large degree of artistic control.

Simplified Tree Lighting Using Aggregate Normals - presented by Scott Petersen with Lawrence Lee - More appealing tree shapes were created before shadows were cast for Over the Hedge and Shrek the Third to facilitate tree lighting.

Procedural Modeling Workflow for Over the Hedge Foliage - presented by Bruce Tartaglia with Rob Wilson, Olcun Tan, Scott Petersen, Jonathan Gibbs - How algorithms were used to generate models and animate foliage for Over the Hedge.

Directing Plant Interactions on Over the Hedge - presented by Gokhan Kisacikoglu - A set of controls had to be developed to direct the branches and leaves when characters go through the hedge in Over the Hedge. 

Cartoon Motion Blur for 3D Animation - presented by Andy Wheeler with Joanne Thiel & Greg Hart - Presentation of three particle-based techniques for stylized motion blur, developed and expanded over the course of Madagascar, The Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper and Over the Hedge.

Stop Motion Puppets in CG - presented by Martin Costello - How the CG characters in Flushed Away were able to emulate the very specific animation style of Aardman.

The Educators' Luncheon Symposium is a forum for college- and university-level educators to discuss and debate directions and strategies for digital media education. This will also be a venue to share solutions for the challenges they are facing in identifying, educating and matriculating students in this evolving field of study.

Applicants will be able to drop off reels and resumes for interview consideration at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Meeting Room 252A during exhibition hours. The studio is looking to fill more than 40 positions by the end of the year for upcoming projects such as Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek the Third, and the Madagascar sequel. A list of current openings can be found in the "Job Opportunities" section of the studio's Website (www.dreamworksanimation.com).