May 24, 2006


The goal of the alliance is to make it easier for each studio’s editors to maintain director relationships when those directors work abroad. Additionally, they are aiming to create opportunities for their editors to form new relationships with directors and advertising agencies in each other’s market.

“The Quarry is a great company with seven very talented editors on staff,” notes FilmCore executive producer Jon Ettinger. “They work with the best directors in the world. Their names may not be familiar to US agencies, but the work is. We expect them to generate a lot of interest.”
“It’s a tremendous opportunity for both companies,” adds Andrew Linsk, executive producer of FilmCore, New York. 

Initially, the two companies expect joint projects to follow a similar scenario, with The Quarry editors travelling to New York to complete projects with British directors. “There is certainly room for FilmCore editors to work on projects in the UK,” says The Quarry’s co-founder/editor Bruce Townend. “With production companies and agencies becoming increasingly global, there are real possibilities for editors to service their clients anywhere in the world, be it in London, New York or wherever.”

To streamline transatlantic collaboration, FilmCore and The Quarry have put in place a high-speed internet connection linking their offices in London and New York, and permitting the transfer of audio and video files in realtime. 

The Quarry’s editorial staff includes Paul Watts, Bruce Townend, Scot Crane, Jonnie Scarlett, Rachael Spann, Sylvie Landra and Christophe Williams. FilmCore’s editorial staff includes Doug Walker, Jón Stefánsson, Gordon Carey, Tiffany Burchard, Tracy Hof, Brian Lagerhausen, Christa Lamperti, Connor T. McDonald, Tim Brooks and Tim Fender.