October 6, 2006


ITHACA, NY - At AES 2006 in San Francisco, Glyph ( is showing the newest addition to its GT Series, the GT 062, a two drive tabletop RAID designed for professional audio and video applications. The unit supports three drive modes through the use of a rear-panel switch: JBOD, spanning, and RAID 0 (striping).

The GT 062 builds on the success of Glyph's GT 060BR and offers SATA drive technology, more connectivity options, and multiple configuration options, all in a smaller enclosure.

Oxford's new 924 chip is used, which supports SATA drive mechanisms. Seagate's SATA drives incorporate Native Command Queuing (NCQ). A rear-panel selector switch is used to choose between its three internal drive configurations. In JBOD mode, the two drives are seen by the computer as two single volumes. In spanning mode, drives are seen as one large volume. When the first drive fills to the limit, data is then written to the second drive. RAID 0 (striping) is designed to increase the performance of the drive system. Drives are seen as one large volume, and the built-in RAID 0 controller distributes the I/O burden by reading and writing data from both drives at the same time.

The back panel of the GT 062 features four ports for multiple connectivity options - two FireWire 800, one FireWire 400, and one USB 2.0. When connected via FireWire 800, the GT 062 has a data transfer rate of over 80MB/sec. Available with capacities of up to 1.5TB, the GT 062 will ship in the fourth quarter of 2006.