July 21, 2006


Most significantly, the expanded console's operating system has been upgraded to the latest V.2.9 software.

Euphonx has standardized the development of its System 5, Max Air and MC workstation product lines around the Windows XP platform, giving users an upgrade path as their needs evolve.

"The console, which now allows two man operation, has proved to be extremely popular with clients and staff alike," says Goldcrest's managing director Peter Joly. "It's a pleasure to encounter a product of this complexity and sophistication that works straight out of the box. The Euphonix team came to Goldcrest, installed the new hardware and software, and were gone by mid afternoon, allowing our engineers to complete our side of the installation. By the end of the following day, we were able to record a complex ISDN session."

Goldcrest's London operation comprises five dubbing theaters, a sound transfer suite and a specialist deliveries room, as well as more than 60 cutting rooms, all with 200MB/s access to SohoNet. The studio's recent credits include the features Hotel Rwanda, The History Boys and Road to Guantanamo.