November 28, 2006


Customers who purchase SyncVue between now and December 31st will receive two licenses for the price of one. The  "iwant241" campaign is designed to inspire editors to embrace a new approach to digital media review and approval workflows, leveraging Skype as a communications backbone.

SyncVue provides users with a number of collaborative media sharing tools for use in the review and approval workflow process, including a powerful media player with frame accurate collaborative control enabled by Skype. Users can play any media file supported by QuickTime, as well as Windows Media, MXF files and Avid encoded media via plug-ins.

The solution provides audio and video chat capabilities, along with a virtual laser pointer for highlighting elements in realtime during playback. Users can also add timecode-based text annotations that are automatically distributed to all connected clients. These markers can later be exported to nonlinear editing applications such as Final Cut Pro.

Pricing per license during the promotion is as follows: 2-4 licenses: $89.50; 5-8 licenses: $76.00; 9-20 licenses: $66.00; and 21-25 licenses: $56.50.

QuickTime video tutorials are available on the SyncVue Website. Customers looking to take advantage of this offer are required to type “iwant241” in the coupon code field during checkout.