July 18, 2006


Carballar is the editor of the Academy Award-nominated film Amores Perros. He recently completed his first project for Lucha Libre, a campaign for Allstate via La Agencia de Orci.

Known in the Argentine film world as "Peni" (as in penny), the editor has cut over 100 commercials for national and international markets, including spots for Nike, Coca-Cola, Visa, Budweiser, Nestlé, Quilmes, Telefónica, Telecom. In 2004, Peni edited feature the film El Aura, directed by Fabián Bielinsky. He also directed two shorts: Besos que Gueman (winner of the Bronze Medal at UNICA's 1994 World Festival in the Czech Republic) and Gajes del Oficio (Honorary Mention in 2nd National Argentine Short Film Contest, 2001).

Prior to joining Lucha Libre, executive producer Mauriello was freelancing for various production companies and advertising agencies, including Thomas Winter Cooke, Ole NY and Letca Films. A former on air television and radio host, Mauriello started her commercial production career in Miami with Loise Levinson. She has also worked with Ilumina Films, Peliculas Ponder and Letca Films.