January 9, 2006


MAXmedia provides facility-wide access to Sledgehammer. The centralized storage solution is extended with realtime audio and video I/O, playback and DDR emulation, project-based content management, offline and online media assembly, format and standards conversion, image color adjustment, and spatial and temporal processing.

Maximum Throughput VP of engineering Mahmoud Al-Daccak says the new release tightens integration with equipment from Cintel, da Vinci, Panasonic and Pandora.

The major new features available with Sledgehammer 2.5 include: EDL import, assembly, and export support with a customizable parsing engine that can interpret and extract vendor-specific comments; realtime 3:2 insertion/removal support in all modes to enable smooth transitions between 24 fps and 30 fps material and optimize storage use; multi-resolution timeline support with alpha (key) channel support; realtime timecode and text overlay; and enhanced timeline editing tools in offline mode.

Sledgehammer 2.5 also provides enhanced Digital Intermediate and telecine support with full timecode and keycode handling, as well as new project-based content organization tools.