April 18, 2006


The company will demonstrate a variety of HD/SD encoding and video editing solutions integrated by ProMax and running on the 3DBoxx 7400 series workstation. Boxx will also conduct comprehensive Maya and Mental Ray demonstrations on the Apexx 8, a powerful new “super workstation” that boasts the performance of 16 processing cores in a versatile system that is quiet enough to reside right next to the artist.

In addition to the demos at the ProMax booth, Boxx will also have a presence at a number of partner booths. The AMD booth will feature a NewTek LightWave 3D 64-bit demonstration running on an Apexx 8 workstation. Bluefish444 will showcase a DI solution incorporating the company’s HD|Lust hardware and Symmetry software running on a 3DBoxx 7400 series workstation. AJA Video will demonstrate the latest Xena HD I/O card running on a 3DBoxx 7400 series workstation. Digital Vision and Nucoda will demonstrate Film Master software running on the Apexx 8. And Imagica and Assimilate will show Scratch software running on a 3DBoxx 7400 series workstation too.