February 7, 2006


"While our advanced color enhancement tools are leaders in feature film work, they have long been powerful solutions for commercial and television post work as well," says Bill Robertson, VP/GM of da Vinci Systems. He adds that the 2K Plus is "delivering flexible, intuitive control and unmatched toolsets that enable the type of creative vision typified by Super Bowl spots. The 2K Plus is designed to enable realization of just the right look and feel, and we enjoyed seeing the results of Nice Shoes' creative efforts as we watched the big game."

The 2K Plus, da Vinci Systems' Emmy-winning image enhancement system, offers realtime HD processing, making it a suitable choice for the emerging HD television market. Designed for the television and motion picture industries, the 2K Plus delivers a comprehensive set of tools to the colorist.

Nice Shoes relied on da Vinci's 2K Plus for color correction of other recent high-profile HD sports spots, including a series of five :30 commercials created by Spike Lee for the New York Knicks. The entire facility is HD compatible, and is home to the only two Specter 2K Datacines on the East Coast. Nice Shoes currently has four color-correct suites that offer color correction and tape-to-tape and film transfers to NTSC, PAL, and HD, as well as four hybrid Smoke/Flame/Henry suites.