July 20, 2006


Since its inception, the S4 VFX division has completed projects for Fantastic Four, King Kong, The Omen, MI:3 and Scary Movie 4. 

Flyer Entertainment is a motion picture advertising agency that functions both as creator and producer of trailers and TV spots for theatrical and DVD release.  SSI Advanced Post handles sound, final assembly and online for trailers. In recent years, SSI has branched out from sound mixing and editorial into picture editorial and telecine, and has plans to open a Digital Intermediate suite to meet the trailer industry's growing need for HD capabilities.

"The relationship we have with both SSI and Flyer has benefits for everyone," S4 VFX's Kater explains. "We will continue to act as Flyer Entertainment's high-end CGI house, while SSI will sub out all their MPAA fixes to us. It allows us to get involved with a project at the conceptual and production end, as well as gives us the opportunity to work out the kinks at the end for MPAA Standards and Practices.  It will also allow us to not only do conceptual and storyboard, but to also design and produce the actual visual effects and do other image processing. This is a model we want to pursue with S4's other clients as well."

"It was never cost-effective for us to get into the high end 3D graphics end," notes SSI's Tom Hughes. "We were farming things out to different companies, but when Flyer Entertainment introduced us to S4 VFX, we knew we had finally found a company of veterans that we could rely upon to do work that would satisfy the very stringent requirements of both the studios and the MPAA, and turn it around almost immediately, which is key in the fast paced business of motion picture advertising."