April 12, 2006


Using shared metadata and harmonizing disparate legacy systems with appropriate middleware, the integrated workflow system from ScheduAll  (www.scheduall.com) and Konan Digital (www.konandigital.com) provides the user with a true service-oriented architecture (SOA) using robust Web services. The integrated solution will provide customers seamless search, metadata view, preview, and retrieval of digital assets, throughout the production workflow process, across their entire facility. 

The solution will enable broadcasters to easily ingest, digitize, search, preview and retrieve assets through a flexible, integrated workflow. ScheduALL allows separate broadcast systems, including digital asset management systems, to share content throughout the production process, facilitating seamless and efficient communication and collaboration between all systems and personnel in the facility. Konan’s DigitalArc manages the entire lifecycle of the asset from ingest through to distribution.

At the front end, Konan’s DigitalArc Ingest Manager will control the process of ingesting, transcoding and cataloging the assets. These assets are registered in the Konan MAM server, where ScheduAll has access to retrieve metadata and digital assets by communicating via Web services. This integration based on SOA enables ScheduAll users to easily view metadata of the assets, retrieve, and preview the clips that interest them. 

Converging these two solutions will help organizations bridge the gap between their operational workflow and the creation and management of digital content they now own or control. This integration uses ScheduAll’s Media Connected Services (MCS), allowing both companies to focus on their core of expertise while having greater integration between the two products, creating better efficiency, accuracy, and operational cost control.