December 21, 2006


In addition to advances in animation and data management for complex 3D scenes, the rendering core within XSI 6 has been enhanced for increased performance, scalability and extensibility. The software offers integration with the Mental Ray 3.5 rendering application, and now includes expanded support for the integration of third-party renderers via a new open rendering API.

XSI 6 software includes free DVD training from Digital-Tutors. The five training chapters include: Introduction; Modeling & Texturing; Animation; Animation & Dynamics; and Lighting and Rendering, totaling  43 lessons.

Additional highlights of XSI 6 software include a dedicated toolset for asset transfer to and from other 3D software; a streamlined way to transfer and move animation and motion capture data between arbitrary XSI rigs and other 3D software character rigs; a new lightweight production-level referencing solution that streamlines the process of working with and making changes to 3D models and scene set-ups; and the Elastic Reality Warper and Morpher, which allows artists to distort and morph images and sequences.

Pricing is $495 for XSI 6 Foundation; $1,995 for XSI 6 Essentials; and $6,995 for XSI 6 Advanced.