July 25, 2006


Started in Washington, DC, in 2001, the 48 Hour Film Project challenges filmmakers and would-be filmmakers to write, produce and edit a short film in just 48 hours. A total of 60 teams competed in the Minneapolis contest as part of 1,100 teams competing worldwide and in 30 cities across the US.

Splice Here’s Dangerous Proximity, produced by Joe Martin, took home top honors. The spy-themed comedy that takes place in the air ducts of an office building and will represent the city in the International/National competition scheduled to take place this fall.

Teams receive their assignment on Friday night, with no prior idea as to what type of film they were going to make.

“I didn’t think we were going to win best film,” says Martin. “The film fest has gotten very, very competitive. Every year it gets bigger and more intense.”  

The team at Splice Here entered the festival to show off the company’s creative capabilities and talent.  The other Splice Here films included Yummy Girl, Captured, and Spy School. Yummy Girl tied for the Best Graphics award while Captured won the Best Actor award and was voted an Audience Award winner. In addition to winning Best Film, Dangerous Proximity also was voted an Audience Award winner, Best Use of Line of Dialogue, and Best Cinematography.

Clayton Condit, president of Splice Here said, “We started out with two teams competing in the event and it grew to four, virtually encompassing everyone in the company. It was gratifying for me to see that all four teams could post their work with no bottlenecks - a testament to workflow achievable at Splice Here.”   

To view the four short films, go to:  www.splicehere.tv.