November 21, 2006


Musicbed DV is an easy-to-use Mac program for generating custom music soundtracks that match the mood and timing of video and audio projects. Users are provided with a set of versatile controls for adjusting musical intensity, complexity and dynamics, all in real-time. Control curves may be used to add musical builds and punctuation that underscore and accent the emotional movement of projects. Music soundtracks of any duration may be generated without compromise and exported with a wide variety of options, including stereo and surround.

The Musicbed DV Bundle includes the Seasons 1 and 2 customizable stock music libraries, adding thousands of music theme variations and an unlimited number of time-based variations. Also included are a number of music generation enhancements, including Keyframe Snapshots, for taking snapshots of music style and texture customizations; Keyframe Generation, for creating keyframes with varying values that hit markers or periodic time locations; and Music Clip Overlay/Overwrite, which lets the user specify whether adding music to the timeline overlays or overwrites existing music.

The bundle is available now for $249.