November 6, 2006


The Mill has worked on projects for Sony PlayStation, Honda and Guinness. In 2001, it won an Academy Award for its effects work in the film Gladiator, but has since exited the film post arena.

The new office in Santa Monica will open in January and will be staffed by The Mill creatives who've relocated from London and New York, as well as local talent.  

Founder/chief executive Robin Shenfield, notes, "We have so many advertising agencies, production companies and editorial clients already focused on these cities that it makes absolute sense to locate ourselves in the same place.  Creative advertising still relies on a great deal of personal interaction. There are some things that simply cannot be done as well without being there.

"The feedback we have had from clients on the West Coast is that there is a real appetite for a more European look, particularly in terms of compositing. That has very much been our experience in New York and we anticipate that to be the case on the West Coast."  

The London office houses has a staff of more than 100, along with 11 Flame suites, three short turn-around Smoke suites, two Spirit Datacine machines and a CGI department with up to 40 workstations running a variety of software. Its New York operation now comprises a core team of 70. At least 12 professional and technical staff will work in the Los Angeles office from the outset.