November 9, 2006


TreeFall specializes in Foley, sound design and mixing for long-form video and film, particularly animation, network programs and corporate projects. 

Fairlight's new Crystal Core (CC-1) engine is based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, and delivers large performance gains while shrinking hardware into a single purpose-built media processing chip.

"With the introduction of the CC-1 technology for the Constellation-XT and the ability to have that Fairlight speed and dependability, I knew I had to make the move," says TreeFall owner Jason Ouzts of the recent purchase.

"Also, with the Constellation-XT, I quickly learned how easily I can prepare a 5.1 surround mix and then just hit a button to tweak the stereo mix.  It's such a big time saver which is critical for us."