November 17, 2006


Vidiots co-founder Michael Amoia spearheaded the Vidiots Music online library and designed its search engine, which allows users to browse tracks online by title, composer/arranger, style, mood and tempo. Those who prefer human interaction can call Vidiots directly for help in finding the right track.

Amoia is a long-time musician himself and has maintained his music business connects, even though he's been busy with the studio over the years.  "I always wanted to get back into music," he says, "but my business keeps me busy. Since I still have connections to people writing music and I'm lucky to have access to their talents for my editorial work, I decided to launch Vidiots Music as a way for everyone to benefit from the freshest and hottest tracks available today."

Vidiots Music has already licensed cuts to a number of primetime television programs, including MTV's Room Raiders and Cribs, VH1's Driven, CBS's The NFL Today, and ABC's Monday Night Football.