December 20, 2007


Bonded Services is an archival storage service, while Teresis is a developer of a browser-based production asset management solution. Under the terms of the agreement, Bonded Services will add Teresis’ tapeless automation and digital asset management technologies to its global portfolio of media management and storage services.

Teresis delivers a cost effective means to digitize a tape library with its Genesis Multi-Purpose Encoder and MXF+Encoder. It also provides content owners with a means to keep all their archived content securely stored online in an easily-searchable format on, the Teresis Media Library’s software-as-a-service platform.   

Bonded’s customers can have media assets digitized into high-resolution formats that will preserve the life of these assets.  They will also have access to a low-resolution file that enables content owners to use a secure Web browser to view and search their library online. Content can then be sold or licensed as for stock or VOD applications.


Bonded has plans to implement Teresis’ capabilities into each of its facilities throughout the world, including facilities in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Toronto. In return, Teresis will recommend Bonded to its clients for different services such as archival storage, operational support, fulfillment and logistics.