June 4, 2007


Campfire co-founder Steve Wax and Click 3X founder Peter Corbett oversee all ClickFire operations. The joint venture is currently working on Campfire's ongoing interactive experience for Pontiac in Second Life, as well as on a campaign for USA Networks' show, The 4400.  The 4400 project, called "The Battle Over Promicin," was the first major campaign for ClickFire, and includes the development of news, ads, video blogs, banners, and interactive content. The media is seeded across the Web community to support an alternate reality that ties to the show's storyline.

"This partnership truly represents the next step in advertising," notes  Corbett. "In this age of highly integrated campaigns, where assets are utilized across TV, Web, print, and events, we need to be able to manage the creative execution seamlessly by offering a single resource."

Both Campfire and Click 3X will continue to exist autonomously, each owning an equal share of the new ClickFire venture.