November 8, 2007


Da Vinci plans to integrate BrightClip into its Resolve digital mastering suite, Splice nonlinear option for the da Vinci 2K, and Revival restoration system with the next software releases.

"BrightClip will bring dramatic benefits to collaborative digital post-production workflows," explains Bill Robertson, general manager at da Vinci. "The task of disk optimization is one that frequently burdens facility managers with unscheduled and unproductive delays when media is moved between post production systems. By integrating BrightClip into our product line, we can provid customers with increased stability and predictability when they are operating in a multi-process media sharing environment." 

BrightClip can be set up for use with applications either directly through an API or indirectly through an administrative interface. With the API, an application developer has full access to all recording functionality within an application. Alternatively, if an application is not BrightClip-enabled, an administrator can set up or script tasks to create a BrightClip. BrightClip files appear as normal files alongside regular projects and other files, making their use entirely transparent.

"BrightClip eliminates the need to optimize media clips before they can be used - a process that is recognized by the digital post production community as one of the biggest consumers of time," adds Antony Harris, CEO of Bright Systems ( "By working with da Vinci, we will be able to offer our mutual customers big improvements to their digital workflows."

There are currently 18 facilities worldwide that are using a combination of da Vinci and Bright Systems gear, including Modern Videofilm, Technicolor Culver City and NT Audio here in the U.S. and Bean Color and ABC in Sydney, Australia.

In related news, da Vinci and Bright Systems have teamed up with Arri to host the Digital Workflow Roadshow, a multi-city product tour that highlights the efficiencies found when using the manufacturers' products collectively. The Roadshow kicked off in New York this week and will be in Toronto on November 27th. Other dates and cities are set to include London in January and both Los Angeles and Munich, Germany in February of next year. Contact da Vinci for more details on specific locations (