November 30, 2007


"Data Management is the crucial process which shepherds a media project from shooting it to showcasing it on a movie screen, television, computer monitor or mobile device," says Katano. "It is imperative that this is handled by experienced data managers, because it concerns the processing and handing of many disparate elements that eventually make up a final project."

Katano and his staff of data mangers will handle projects from studios, production companies, motion graphics houses and post facilities.

"The Data Age is truly upon us," says Katano. "Presently, practically every media project has been edited, altered and enhanced in a data-centric environment. Shooting digitally is quickly becoming the standard.  More and more, what we are now seeing on our TVs, computer monitors, and all mobile devices such as cell phones and iPods are coming from a data media source. Movie theaters are in the midst of replacing their film projectors with digital ones, which will also play back a data media file. This evolution has called for various companies to make adjustments and adapt to this new data-centric production work flow."

Once assets are in data form, Dirty Work data managers organize it, properly format it for the various production platforms used by artists, assist with a logical naming convention, and handle the distribution to each production platform or production facility. The company can also convert completed content to various file formats with appropriate compression and aspect ratios for different distribution platforms.

Katano says he was inspired by the Steely Dan song "Dirty Work."

"I realized that the proverbial 'Dirty Work' for most companies was data management: the type of work that people don't like to do, or that disrupts their normal business workflow. Though many may consider it dull and techy, for years now, I have come to appreciate its sexiness as it has become more and more such a vital part of the production and post production process. But it is crucial that it be handled by the most experienced data managers."