January 25, 2007


The cyan dye movement was conceptualized through technology described in a Dolby patent, which was donated to the film industry. In 1998 the Dye Track Committee, led by Dolby staff and including representatives from film stock companies, film labs, film distributors, and exhibitors, was formed to lead the conversion movement.

Until recently, analog soundtracks were placed on film by a silver application procedure that used millions of gallons of water a year and tons of chemicals, some caustic and hazardous. For nearly a decade the Dye Track Committee worked to coordinate a change from the silver addition process to pure dye cyan soundtracks and with theatre exhibitors to equip theatres with the required red light readers to play back the cyan dye soundtracks on projectors.

“The huge success of the cyan movement is due to the dedication and collaboration of many individuals in the film industry, and we are proud to be among a group of distinguished colleagues that are receiving this special award this year,” says Dolby’s Allen. “It has been a pleasure being part of this industry change.”

Dolby Laboratories has won ten Academy Awards for various achievements in the film industry.