December 19, 2007


Shafer began his career as a still photographer and got his start in editing with Mad River Post. He also freelanced as an assistant editor with Rock Paper Scissors and Crew Cuts, among others.

Since the promotion, Shafer has cut spots for Red Bull (Kastner & Partners), Geico (The Martin Agency) and T-Moblie (Publicis). His most recent project at FilmCore is the spot Ugly Can Look Beautiful for Olevia HDTV and San Diego agency Fishtank Brand Advertising. Directed by Alastair McKevitt, the spot shows a woman tennis player, victimized by a bad call, and a baseball player, struck in the back by a pitch - both presented in a darkened, stylized environment.

"The footage for the spot was shot at 200 frames per second which gave me the freedom to ramp through the action, then to slow it down so I could to sit on the moment, then rip forward to the next moment," Shafer explains. "I wanted the slow motion scenes in the spot to be able to stand alone as a still image."