September 28, 2007


Steve Miller is director of education at the school, and says “I don’t think you can overstate the importance of learning Pro Tools for any audio professional coming on the scene today. It’s great to have exposure to other platforms too, but in terms of the job market, anyone involved with audio in a professional capacity needs to know Pro Tools.”

The addition of the ICONs reinforces the school’s belief in preparing students for the computer-based workflow they will see in the real world, where there is a move away from analog consoles.
“We still have a few traditional mixing consoles, but over time we’ve been moving toward ICON systems for all our rooms,” says Miller “Even people who have the budget and space to use a large-format analog console are discovering that they end up submixing on the [analog] console, but ultimately wind up mixing inside the box. It makes so much more sense to work with a fully integrated control surface like the ICON.