October 11, 2007


Independent animator Michael Marcondes of Brazil created the series.

The Animation and Motion Capture chapter familiarizes users with the terms used for Cinema4D, which helps in navigation when creating a project, as well as the applications animation features.

The Overview chapter highlights characters and environments, as well as tools and how they can be combined to achieve desired results. The chapter covering the Timeline illustrates the timeline's importance and how it is connected to all that happens in a scene.

The application's Curve Editor is covered and shows users how to work with splines. Looping is also covered, addressing walk cycles, balls bouncing, mechanical movements and all repetitive animations that can benefit from a smart looping.

Other topics that are covered in the training series include constraints, the Xpresso tools, motion capture, keyframe animation and blending.

Volume 1 is priced at $49.95 in the "permanent" video on demand format, and at $59.95 for a DVD copy.