January 17, 2007


Treasure Raiders is an action adventure film from the Czar Film Company of Russia. The feature focuses on an American professor (David Carradine) who teams up with a Russian biker to search for historical treasures buried in and around Moscow.

Gardens of the Night stars Peta Wilson, Jeremy Sisto and Tom Arnold. The film follows a young brother and sister who find themselves on the street with no one to depend on aside from each other. SonicPool will be facilitating the post production team's offline editorial suite.

And The Wager, starring country singer Randy Travis, is a drama from writer/director Judson Pearce Morgan, through Eagle Rock 1 Entertainment.

SonicPool uses its identically-equipped Tsunami and Typhoon mix stages for film work. The Dolby-certified stages are equipped with JBL surround sound speakers systems and Digidesign Pro Tools HD digital audio workstations. Each room has a recording booth with video monitoring to and from the control room, allowing directors and talent to see each other during VO or ADR sessions.