December 18, 2007


Steele called on its Quantel eQ and iQ systems to create the music videos' eye-popping visuals. According to senior creative director, VFX supervisor and co-owner Jerry Steele, the director sat in on much of the post production work at Steele. "She sat by me all the way through all of these," he says of Melina. "She liked the speed with which you can get things done on the Quantel eQ and iQ, but most importantly she liked the flexibility of being able to modify anything and everything at any given point. It gave her a very open workflow and allowed her to finesse the look the exact way she wanted it."

Jerry Steele and compositor/digital artist Monique Eissing worked hands-on with the footage until they were satisfied with the final outcome.

The studio also recently applied its beauty skills to Velvet Revolver's Last Fight video, which was directed by Rocco Guarino, represented by Merge @ Crossroads, and to Kelly Rowland's Like This, directed by Michael Ruiz, who is represented by DNA.
Among its most recent music video credits was work on Avril Lavigne's
Hot, which is designed to take the young artists to the next level with its sophisticated look. Directed by photographer Matthew Rolston, the video uses rapid cuts of Lavigne in concert and in other settings, to which Steele added elements of high glamour.
Most of the original footage for these music videos was shot on 35mm film. Following the telecine process, the material was converted to Digital Betacam and delivered to the studio for clean-up and beautification.

Conforming was done using both eQ and iQ. The shots were then composited and beautified, then re-conformed back together. The videos were mastered on Digi Beta and delivered back to the clients on that format.