January 26, 2007


The two devise a reverse fight-rigging scheme and hit the road, working fights in seedy basement bars, abandoned warehouses and backwoods county fairs. Dublin's past, however, eventually catches up with them, raising the stakes.

T2 (www.t2.tv) provided a number of services for the film, including up-resing the DVCPRO HD raw stock and mastering to a HD D5 tape. The studio created the opening title design sequence, handled matte and sky replacement effects and enhanced make up effects to more resemble bruises. The title sequence was created entirely in Adobe After Effects 7. Procedural fractal maps were created and then applied to the text to make it appear to crack, rust and decay.

Sky replacements were performed using the TinderBox Sky plug-in, 2D3's Boujou Bullet for the matchmove tracking, Colour Finesse for color matching, After Effects 7 for compositing and Autodesk's Discreet Smoke for the final color grading and finishing. 

For the bruising effect, a sample bruise was created based on other takes and was then tracked onto the actor's face using Smoke.