June 19, 2007


The invitation-only event will address the changing audio landscape and will offer editors a chance to discuss the latest post production technologies and new workflow advances.

John McKay, the founder/president of Virtual Katy and sound editor for Lord of the Rings, will keynote the summit, setting the tone for the evening's activities. He will introduce a new path for post that he feels pros must adapt to in order to survive the onslaught of creative demands and supposed technology advancements.

Adrian Scott will lead a panel titled "The Cures for Today's Challenges," which will discuss the experiences of yesterday and today, as well as the pressures pros face to deliver faster and better packages. Topics will include picture development, directing, picture editing and sound editing.

Guest panelists are set to include: Peter Gleaves, ADR recordist (Harry Potter, Bond, The Golden Compass); Lee Herrick, feature dialogue/ADR supervisor (V for Vendetta, The Golden Compass); McKay; and Mike Prestwood Smith, audio editor/mixer (Harry Potter).

Following the panel will be a new workflow demonstration where a team of technologists will show workflows supporting new paths for post production. A cocktail party will conclude the evening. Those interested in attending the event should contact: janice@zazilmediagroup.com.