January 5, 2007


Butterfly illustrates the flexibility of the card, which allows users to chose between cash back or earning points.  The spot follows a butterfly through a field as its appearance changes and adapts to its surroundings.

The field, comprised of over 22 million polygons, needed major rendering resources, so the studio updated its render farm with dual dual-core Opterons from Lantech and employed the services of ResPower, based in Huntsville, AL. 

The swarm of butterflies, that rise from the field and form the Chase logo, was created by Tony Robins using an Autodesk Flame system for compositing,

The Trapped spot relies on live action of actors - shot blue screen - combined with a changing CG island environment. The commercial is designed to show how Chase Freedom credit card users can select between cash back or earning points for travel.

The Worlds Away 3D department was challenged with matchmoving the blue screen footage and creating all growing and receding tropical vegetation, beach furniture, and the island itself.  The studio used a combination of Autodesk 3DS Max 8, Realflow 4, and SynthEyes from Andersson Technologies, along with Flame for compositing.

VFX supervisor Kim Lee led the team of artists that included Brendan Gallagher, Joe Nguyen, John Van der Zalm and Gary Davis. The studio completed the 1080 project for agency Mcgarrybowen in just under eight weeks. New York's Sandwick Films served as the production company.