October 13, 2008


The new releases provide a tool-based approach to understanding popular production topics and a foundation for artists integrating Max into existing workflows.

Introduction to Modeling ($55.99) details NURBS workflow; polygon workflow; splines and patches workflow; scene organization with layers; smoothing methods; working with sub-objects; sub-object selection methods and adding viewport background images, among other topics.

Introduction to Animation ($55.99) provides an overview of animation tools; manipulating animation with Curve Editor; methods for fine-tuning animation; ghosting animation; animating with expressions; wiring parameters; realtime previewing; cloning key-frames; exploring dope sheet; path animation; layering animation; and seamlessly cycling animation.

Introduction to Mental Ray in 3DS Max ($55.99) provides an overview of the renderer, as well as a look at global illumination workflow; final gather workflow; caustics workflow; emitting GI photons from light sources; photon energy and decay parameters; controlling final gather accuracy; adding secondary final gather bounces; mixing final gather and global illumination; and saving and reusing lighting data.