January 17, 2008


The Stereoscopic 3D option for Pablo 4K was introduced by Quantel at IBC 2007 and allows operators and their clients to view work in 3D context as they are working on it. Previously, operators have had to rely on preview modes or employ play-out services to see the results of their work.
 Quantel's Stereoscopic 3D solution can play out and process two streams of high resolution media simultaneously without rendering. This makes editing 3D as straightforward as 2D, and allows stereo strength and convergence to be adjusted on the fly. Colorimetry, sync, editorial and imaging errors are all visible and fixable. The system can also operate in comparison mode, with views including 50/50 mix, left/right eye and difference map.

“The ability to work interactively with 3D imagery is a huge advantage,” notes FotoKem DI colorist Walter Volpatto. “We can use the whole machine - editing and color correction - and see the results immediately. Before we were limited to viewing one eye or the other and it took a very long time to build the final product. If there was a mistake, you had to redo it from the very beginning.”