June 26, 2008


AVCHD UpShift converts AVCHD (.mts) files into high quality HDV (.m2t) files that are compatible with HD enabled video editors on the PC platform. Additionally, users can batch convert AVCHD files directly from the MSPD, CF, SDHC, CF cards, or DVD/HDD-based camcorder storage. UpShift files are not constrained by storage system limitations. A higher bitrate file may be generated, assuring high-quality throughput and recompression in the editing suite. In addition, AVCHD Upshift offers user-selectable bitrate and the ability to convert single files. Files may be converted for best speed, best quality, or a combination of both and stored files may be converted for best editing speed/workflow and re-converted later (from original AVCHD files) for higher quality output.

Pricing for AVCHD UpShift is just $49.95 and it is available immediately from either company's Website (www.vasst.com / www.newbluefx.com).